About the Owner

The Kru Collection is a native business of Tucson, Arizona. Doesn't everybody have some tie to Tucson one way or another? It sure does seem that way! Born in the city of the Old Pueblo and the heart of the University of Arizona, embodied by great free spirit culture in this incredible Grand Canyon State - it has been brought to life by the style of the Tucson locals who habitat this incredible southwest.

The owner of Kru Collection <<Katerina>> came from the retail fashion world as well as is the current owner of the greatest honky tonk country western bar in her home town. Her favorite go-to outfit in Arizona is and always was a rad graphic tee with distressed jeans or frayed shorts since the temperatures here are higher than test scores. Over the years Katerina was met with poor designs, poor designers and undesirable materials which provoked the birth of The Kru Collection today - bringing you handpicked and custom designs on graphic tees and only on our favorite materials by a perfectionist team. Couple this with the country strong gal attitude and ovewhelming love for our amazing country - thekrucollection was born!

Almost everyone in the world knows something about Arizona, and some of it is even true. Here is your opportunity to rock something super sweet from this fabulous southwest and by doing so, supporting small and local business. You rock!